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File ID File Title File description Upload Time operation
23 For A870/A880/A7260 Testing software for usb webcam [2018-06-04]
19 setup(82UA-84UA) 'USBKVM' software for 84UA and 82UA [2017-12-04]
20 setup(92H/94H/72H/74H) 'USBKVM' software for 92H/94H/72H/74H [2017-12-04]
18 K1030 Definition software for K1030 [2017-12-04]
17 G560 Definition software for G560 [2017-12-04]
16 Mac&Iphone manual Search tool and manual for MAC system [2017-11-28]
15 PC Client for windows PC client、search tools and manuals for windows system [2017-11-06]

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