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Sea Wit 8 Port HDMI Switch,KVM Switch with HUB and Cables Supports HDCP 1080p 3D and Auto Scan,for Windows/Linux and Mac-Black

KVM SWITCH:1 USB(wired or wireless combo ) console controls 8 HDMI - interface devices. Supports auto scan and 2 switch modes: Button switch/ keyboard switch. P-n-P.


HD VIDEO QUALITY:Completely compatible with HDMI 1.4A, HDCP and wide screen. Supports HDMI digital monitor, 3D ,480i, 480p, 720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p (HDTV) ,1920x1200(DVI).


HIGH and STABLE PERFORMANCE:High-quality chipset, gold-plated interface, environmental metal shell and multiple heat dissipation design, which all ensure the stability of the item running and a good user experience.


DYNAMIC SYNC DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY:With the EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) technology which controls display by memory function, the switch can maintain optimal display resolution all the time.


EASY TO USE: This kvm switch is applied to the cross-system operation of Windows/Linux/Unix/Dos/Mac OS. With an additional USB 2.0 HUB port for sharing devices such as printers, scanner, U Disk and other USB devices between 8 computers.

SeaWit 8 Port HDMI KVM Switch is designed to control 1 to 8 computers, servers, DVR/NVR, laptops, hard disk players and other HDMI interface devices with only 1 independent set of USB keyboard, mouse and monitor.
It allows user to easily switch the connected devices via advanced switch modes. The unique KVM technology can significantly save the desktop space, equipment spending and the manpower for managing multiple computers/devices as well as can maintain the best HDMI display resolution.

Switch Modes:
1. Button on the front of the panel.
2. Double-click the Scroll Lock+S+ Enter or via SCAN button on the switcher panel to automatic cycle switch, the interval of auto switch is 8 seconds.
3. Double-click the Scroll Lock on the keyboard + Number (1-8 ) + Enter to any connected device you want.
4. Double-click the Scroll Lock + B + Enter to turn off/turn on the tone when switching.
NOTE:Apple keyboard does not support switching by keyboard.

Box Contents :
1 x 8 Port KVM switch
1 x Power adapter
2 x USB-B Cable
2 x HDMI Cable
1 x Sea Wit Mouse
1 x Sea Wit Keyboard
1 x User manual in English
2 x Metal Rack

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